Located amidst the hustle and bustle of Penang’s banking street, SENTRAL College Penang serves to provide an excellent and wholesome tertiary education platform to students in the Northern Region of Malaysia. The campus is the tallest building in the UNESCO World Heritage Zone in Penang -14 storeys high, providing a breath-taking view to the College students and employees of SENTRAL. Local eateries and public transportation are also conveniently located near the College. Within the building, SENTRAL College Penang is fully furnished with modern facilities such as student lounge, library, gymnasium, lecture theatres, ensuring a complete and conducive learning experience to students of the College.

SENTRAL College Penang offers a diverse range of certificate, diploma, degree, post-graduate, and professional programmes in the field of Business, Accounting, Computing, Tourism, and Early Childhood Education. All of these programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (MOHE), accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) as well as recognised by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, Malaysia (JPA). The College works in collaboration with partner universities such as UNITAR International Univesity and the University of Salford, Manchester UK to provide world-class higher education and a wider range of career opportunities to SENTRAL College's students.

In order to achieve SENTRAL’s founding goal which is to develop students into wholesome, capable individuals that support their family, and to serve their community and their country, the College continuously organises seminars, workshops, and activities alongside the clubs and societies to enhance the soft skills of the students, and to ensure an enriching learning experience on top of their existing curriculum. Apart from that, the academics and management team of SENTRAL College Penang provides personal care and individual attention to the students; allowing them to flourish in accordance to their abilities and talents. Since its establishment from 2002, we have produced quality graduates who are now holding leading positions in prominent organisations in Malaysia.

For more information about SENTRAL College and courses, visit sentral.edu.my

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